Info for the wholesale buyers

Wholesale purchase of board gamesWe sell our own board games. We do not resell other brands's board games and wholesale distribution is one of our priority areas of development.

We are focused on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners and always ready to give details about our board games, promptly inform the release of new products, to provide additional marketing services. We are also open to discuss any ideas, marketing activities and new projects in the area of board games and related topics.

Among our partners there are not only retailers and distributors, but also companies operating in completely different industries. We are open to any mutually beneficial proposals, conduct draws our board games and deliver them as corporate gifts on special conditions.

To discuss the terms of the wholesale purchase of our board games on special terms and/or offer a joint marketing campaign, you can send a request using the feedback form, and call:

+7 905 715 34 28 (Evgeniy Oparichev, head of the wholesales)

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