Set of wooden board games

Set of wooden board games

This set of wooden board games includes four great games:

Each of the board game of this set is a perfect gift for both children and adults. Our board games bring a lot of fun to you, your children and friends. They will gather at a large table friendly company and help pass the time with pleasure and benefit.

A set of board games will be much cheaper than if you bought each board game separately.

Board games's video reviews

Video review of board games of doJoy from video channel "Two Diced"

A short video review of the components of doJoy's four wooden board games


Board Game made of wood Rock-paper-scissors: Nerds vs Hooligans

Board game «Rock-paper-scissors: Nerds vs Hooligans» for two players. Players figures are arranged on both sides of the game board, one player arranges "hooligans", the second arranges "nerds." Opponents attach to the backs of team's characters game items: rock, scissors, paper, dynamite and the flag of a team. The task for players of the board game - to find and capture the opponent's flag. In a collision of figures on game board a character with a stronger object left in the game, and the loser character - removed from the board.

Board game «Rock-paper-scissors: Nerds vs Hooligans» is more difficult than checkers, but easier and more fun, than chess and very popular with the children, adolescents and their parents.

Wooden board game Bubbly!

The game «Bubbly!» can be played by two players or by a large group of friends. This very dynamic and fun gambling game will be interesting for both children and adults. The purpose of the board game: you have to be first who get rid of all chips on hand. The players have to take turns putting chips with multi-colored round objects to "cover" of wooden bottle. The player who made careless move after which comes the collapse of chips takes all the chips fell. The game also features a super-chips requiring other players to take more chips, miss your turn, etc.

Board game «Bubbly!» — a successful combination of several popular games: from classic game of dominoes to the yard game «rock, paper, scissors».

Board Game made of wood BADA-BOOM!

The board game «BADA-BOOM!» can be played by a company of friends from two to eight players. Recall myself as a child, you do not notice the time, put one cube to another, and then another and another, until ... the tower fell. The principle of the board game «BADA-BOOM!» is similar - players build a tower with a square base of four cubes. There are 8 ways to play the game «BADA-BOOM!», including different rules for constructing the tower levels. For example, in the game mode "Classical" first level blocks must consist of blocks of different colors, the second row - of two pairs of blocks having the same color, and the third level, all the blocks should be the same color.

The board game made of wood «BADA-BOOM!» is liking not only by children but also adults because a couple of careless movements and the leader can become an outsider and a loser - the winner!

Board Game made of wood CHI-CHI-KO! — marvellous domino

«CHI-CHI-KO! — marvellous domino» is a dynamic and exciting board game made of wood, it's fun to play in a small and a large company. Instead of the standard for domino dots on dominoes game «CHI-CHI-KO!» marked colorful game items: rock, scissors, paper, a crook and a snake. Each item has an advantage over the other two. On your turn, you will need to pick up dominoes with «win» the subject of the right color.

As in board games «Bubbly!» and «BADA-BOOM!» the board game «CHI-CHI-KO!» includes super dominoes that make the game more fun, dynamic and gambling: players have to take extra dominoes, change the direction of the game, etc. It is very funny! The board game «CHI-CHI-KO! — marvellous domino» is a new «reckless» view on the legendary game.

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