Game «CHI-CHI-KO!» | Discounted (crumbled box)

Game «CHI-CHI-KO!» | Discounted (crumbled box)

Attention: this page order of the discounted board game «CHI-CHI-KO!», The packaging of which has a little damage. Detailed description, rules, photos and overview videos of the board game «CHI-CHI-KO!» can be found here.

It's too late to understand because of what our board games's packaging has been damaged, but we are pleased to be able to offer to customers who prefer to save our amazing domino "Chi-Chi-Ko!", made of natural and environmentally friendly beech wood, at the lowest cost.

Discounted boxes have minor damage. In addition, beech belongs to the group of hard wood, so you should not worry - dominoes did not receive damage. If you find any damage to the "inside" of the box - without delay, we will replace the problematic components or the entire game.

If required, we can carry out pre-inspection of the board game, but at the same time, we have to compromise the integrity of heat-shrinkable films, which are not damaged for almost all discounted boxes.

Description, detailed rules for games, photos and video reviews of the wooden board game «CHI-CHI-KO!»

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