Board game «CHI-CHI-KO! — marvellous domino»

Board game «CHI-CHI-KO! — marvellous domino»

«CHI-CHI-KO!» board game is based on the classic domino rules, but trust me, it turned out to be a completely different game! This is a new «reckless» view on the legendary game.

«CHI-CHI-KO!» is a more dynamic and addicting board game, and it's fun to play in both a small and a large company. Instead of the usual dots, the «CHI-CHI-KO!» domino tiles depict colorful game items: rock, paper, scissors, crook and snake. Each object has an advantage over the other two. On your turn, you will need to pick up the domino tile with the «winning» item of the right color.

In addition, some domino tiles have other signs that require the players to skip their turns, take extra dominoes from the «market», as well as to change the direction of the game. It's very funny!

You'll find 6 original ways to play the game in the rules for «CHI-CHI-KO!», and thanks to the large number of domino tiles, this board game can be played in the company of up to 10 people.

«CHI-CHI-KO!» board game is the most unusual in the world of dominoes!

Board game reviews «CHI-CHI-KO! — marvellous domino»

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Rules of the game «CHI-CHI-KO! — marvellous domino»

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Board game «CHI-CHI-KO! — marvellous domino»

new board game like domino from doJoy — CHI CHI KO

board game like domino, but very dynamic and fun

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