Game «Bubbly!» | Discounted (crumbled box)

Game «Bubbly!» | Discounted (crumbled box)

Attention: this page order of the discounted board game "Bubbly!", The packaging of which has a little damage. Detailed description, rules, photos and overview videos of the board game "Bubbly" can be found here.

If you buy the game as not as a gift, but for themselves or for "our people", the purchase of discounted board game is great way to save money and buy high-quality board game made of wood at the lowest price.

We guarantee that the only disadvantage of cut-price version of the game is mashed outer packaging. If the inside of the damaged box will show up any problems with the components of the board game (the probability of this for the board game "Bubbly!" is very small), then we will make a replacement game or damaged components.

When prompted, we can open the packaging of the game and to verify the integrity of the components of the board game before sending it. The request for such checking should be specified in the order comments.

Among the discount board games "Bubbly!" there are several badly crumpled, but their number is small. The bulk of board games at discounted prices with a small stacking faults, the integrity of the outer transparent films preserved.

Description, detailed rules for games, photos and video reviews of the board game "Bubbly!"

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