Board game «Bubbly!»

Board game «Bubbly!»

"Bubbly!" is a very dynamic, exciting and fun game for any company. It will be fun to play for both children and adults.

Rules of the game are quite simple: the players place the colored round chips on the "top" of the bottle one by one. Goal of the game is to be first to get rid of all the chips on hand. Do not allow other players to finish the game before you. Use super-chips that require other players to perform various actions: "skip your turn", "take half", "take as much", "take four", "exchange the chips" and others. But be careful – one foozle and the chip you place can unleash the previously placed chips. You will have to take them all!

The board game "Bubbly!" combines features of many popular board games: from the classic domino game to the street "rock-paper-scissors" game. We added to the known game items (rock, paper, scissors) two more (snake and crook), and the game turned out very dynamic and exciting. Each item has an advantage over the other two in the game.

To win the game, you will need agility, memory, strategy, cunning, cool and, of course, good luck!

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Rules of the game «Bubbly!»

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