Game «BADA-BOOM!» | Discounted (crumbled box)

Game «BADA-BOOM!» | Discounted (crumbled box)

Attention: this page order of the discounted board game «BADA-BOOM!», The packaging of which has a little damage. Detailed description, rules, photos and overview videos of the board game «BADA-BOOM!» can be found here.

During transport boxes of some of our board games have been dented. On the one hand, we are dissatisfied with the logistic company, on the other - we are glad that we can offer our customers, who love to make a bargain, high quality games at a really low price.

Board Game «BADA-BOOM!» is made of high quality and eco-friendly hardwood, so you can not worry for the integrity of cubes - they are not damaged. If you find in the game at least one damaged cube - we replace them or replace the entire game.

If required, we can carry out checks parts of the game before sending it.

Description, detailed rules for games, photos and video reviews of the wooden board game «BADA-BOOM!»

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