For authors of board games

For authors of board gamesCreating a new board game is very interesting and exciting, but complicated and long process that involves many stages, from concept development and testing rules, to establish production and supply of the board game to retailers.

If you have not only the desire to develop a new board game, but the original idea — share it with us.

As a minimum you'll get your opinion on the idea of «from outside», as a maximum - will get support on completion, production and sales of your board game and royalties.

Each year the world produced dozens of new (or well forgotten) board games. We will advise you if for some reason your idea is not viable (for example, due to technological reasons) or if you invent a «bicycle».

Unlike most of board games publishers in our country we do not require to send us a complete presentation of your board game.

Simply send us a brief description of your idea (make emphasis on new aspects of the game and / or gameplay features) via the feedback form. Tell us if you tried to play it with your friends and if they liked to play it.

Two tips:

  • Try to make the rules of the game as simple as possible.
  • Try to describe your board game interesting.

We look forward to new, even crazy ideas!

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